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Company Name: Al-Karam Towel Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Al-Karam Towel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd is a family owned and professionally managed industry since 1986. We are a network of manufacturing and exporting terry products under highly equipped technology and machines. With our team of intellectual individuals, versatile and innovative group of employees, we are crossing revenues over US $107 Million. With our team of highly experienced and innovative crew, we strive hard to satisfy our customers by supplying towels in the best affordable prices.

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  • BathRobes


  • Embriodered Towel


    Embriodered Towel
  • kitchen Towel


    kitchen Towel
  • kitchen Towel


    kitchen Towel
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  • Terry Beach Towels


    Terry Beach Towels
  • Baby hooded Towel


    Baby hooded Towel
  • Terry Towels


    Terry Towels
  • Plain Towels


    Plain Towels
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  • ACO 9 (Spinning)


    ACO 9 (Spinning)
  •  MCS (High Temp - Dyeing)


    MCS (High Temp - Dyeing)
  • Technorama (Color Dips)


    Technorama (Color Dips)
  • Anglada (Dryer)


    Anglada (Dryer)
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  • Stitching Setup- Juki Machines


    Stitching Setup- Juki Machines
  • Power Looms Jacquard


    Power Looms Jacquard
  • Processing


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Contact Information

Name: Kashif Mehtab Chawla

Address: D7 SITE, Mehtab Uddin Chawla Road, Super Highway, Scheme 33, Karachi 75330 Pakistan


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