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Towel Manufacturers Association of Pakistan


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Company Name: Pak Textile Industries

We at Pak Textile Industries based on our decades of experience quality conscious management have provided our wholesale towel customers the which we claim second to none When looking for wholesale towel manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier! Pak Textile industries 'Talk of the Towel' Pak Textile industries is one of the most reliable wholesale towel suppliers around the world. Wei Pak Textile Industries among the quality buyers worldwide, have a reputation for supplying good quality towels in wholesale and orlbulk shipment or beach towel hand towel, Bath towel. hooded towel, shower towel, monogrammed towel, personalized towel, bathroom towel towel set embroidered towel and other varieties of towel, you as a towel buyer may need to import these towels on wholesale prices. - We offer all kind of textile products. - Business type Manufacture & Exporter - Geographic Markets:Worldwide - Production Capacity- 200000 KgJMonth - Place of Incorporation.KARACHI. PAKISTAN

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  • Basic Towels


    Basic Towels
  • Bathrobes Terry


    Bathrobes Terry
  • Dyed Towels


    Dyed Towels
  • Terry Fabric


    Terry Fabric
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  • Weaving


  • Dyeing Setup-Continuous Dyeing


    Dyeing Setup-Continuous Dyeing
  • Stitching Setup


    Stitching Setup
  • Embroidery Machine


    Embroidery Machine
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  • oekotex-100


  • ISO 14001 2015 EMS


    ISO 14001 2015 EMS
  • ISO 9001 2015 QMS


    ISO 9001 2015 QMS


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