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Company Name: Sardar Tex

Sardar TEX is a leading, home textile company. We export bath products to leading retailers, hospitality and healthcare industries across the world, primarily to the USA, Canada and Europe. Sardar Textile has been focused on quality, customer satisfaction, innovation and specialization through technological advancement. Sardar TEX (ST) was established in 1980 and is a family business from last 4 generation, we are amongst the top 2 (Two) Terry Machines manufacturers in Pakistan. ST started our journey with Power Loom & now with the grace of God We have Sulzer Smith Looms and Tsudakoma Air Jet Machines, Now we are running around 200 Shuttlle less looms.

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  • Bath Towels


    Bath Towels
  • Towel set


    Towel set
  • Bath Robe


    Bath Robe
  • Bathmat


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  • Knitted Fitted Sheets


    Knitted Fitted Sheets
  • Baby Towels


    Baby Towels
  • Embroidered Towel


    Embroidered Towel
  • Kids Terry Bathrobes


    Kids Terry Bathrobes
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  • Sulzer G6100 Machine


    Sulzer G6100 Machine
  • Sulzer Smith Textile Loom


    Sulzer Smith Textile Loom
  • Power Loom


    Power Loom
  • Tsudakoma AIR JET


    Tsudakoma AIR JET
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  • Processing


  • Shearing Machines


    Shearing Machines
  • Spindles of Ring Yarn


    Spindles of Ring Yarn


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